Autumn Photos

Autumn is my favorite color! Enjoy this collection of fall pictures that I took throughout the past years.

November evening at La Hulpe, near Brussels

Photos of a warm November evening at La Hulpe, near Brussels, Belgium.

Andreea – studio black and white portrait

Andreea is my 14 year old cousin. She is pretty, friendly and has a wonderful soul. She loves being photographed.

Vlado – studio portrait

I asked Vlado to pose for me, because I wanted to try different types of lighting. Here is what came out.


There was a lovely orange sunset light in the house, so I took advantage of it and made myself some photos using a tripod and a remote control

Halloween at Melanges a Trois cafe in Brussels

Great Halloween Party at Melanges a Trois cafe in Brussels

Opening at Melanges a Trois Cafe in Brussels

Melanges a Trois is a cafe opened in Oct 2014 in Brussels by two friends of ours.

People with dogs

A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. Give him your heart and he’ll give you his

Art in nature

Somewhere in the North-East of Belgium, in the Hamont-Achel region. Arta in natura, in nord-estul Belgiei, la granita cu Olanda.

Beautiful autumn images in Bucharest

Beautiful autumn landscapes and photos taken this autumn in Romania. Momente de toamna frumoasa in Bucuresti.  

Autumn at the Village Museum in Bucharest

The Village Museum is one of my favorite places in Bucharest. It’s actually a park with traditional Romanian village houses

Enchanted autumn in Brussels

Enjoy the autumn wherever you are! The colors sure are lovely. Ah, autumn, my favorite season of them all!