Chenonceau Castle on Loire Valley, France

Among many other beautiful castles on Loire Valley in France, Chateau de Chenonceau is well worth a visit.

Built around the 13th century on the river Cher (a left tributary of the river Loire), Chenonceau Castle is also nicknamed “The castle of the Ladies” becausethroughout the history it was administrated and taken care of by women like Diane de Poitiers (the mistress of Henri II) and Catherine de Medici (the wife of Henri the II) who forced Diane de Poitiers to move out of the castle after the death of her husband.

Chenonceau Castle Night walk

NIGHT WALK at Chenonceau Castle

The Castle can be visited during day, but also during evening (“Night Walk”). I recommend the evening visit, because while walking through the illuminated gardens you’ll be enchanted with the most wonderful classical music of Arcangelo Corelli (an Italian Classic). The music is heard in every corner of the gardens: it’s relaxing, romantic and a unforgettable memory.

garden chenonceau castle Chateau de Chenonceau Illuminated Garden Chenonceau castle reflection chenonceau river cher Chenonceau Castle