Christmas in a Hungarian Village

Christmas 2018 in a Hungarian Village. No snow, but many walks and photos

Kosice in winter

Kosice, Slovakia in December 2018. Snow and sun.

Xmas tree in Black and White

our Christmas tree which was the main attraction of our little 3-year-old

Kaleidoscope atelier in Brussels

I attended a kaleidoscope workshop where I learned how to do it, how to assemble it. Now I know “the secret” and still love it!

Bruxelles in november

A few photos I took last Saturday, during a long walk from morning until sunset! Oh and what a beautiful sunset it was! And what a beautiful city Brussels is!

Year after year

Every year, same place, same clothes, different age

10 photos from Algarve, Portugal

Faro in 34 photos

Faro = a city in the South of Portugal
Get inspired by these photos and travel!

Hungarian fest in Cinquantenaire park in Brussels

September Hungarian Festival with yummy food and nice shows

Romania Holiday

Photos from our yearly trip to Romania (June 2018)

Slovakia holiday

a photographic summary of the May 2018 holidays in Slovakia where I was with the boys

Roye (Haute-Saône), France

Roye, a small village in France, covered in snow, beautifully lit by the sunset light.