Angkor Wat by day (Cambodia)

united_kingdomAngkor Wat appears on Cambodia’s national flag and is the most popular and the most visited temple in Cambodia. I’ve showed you the sunrise at Angkor Wat, but let’s enjoy it’s splendor during daylight as well.

romania_flagTemplul Angkor Wat apare pe steagul Cambodgiei si este cel mai popular si cel mai vizitat templu din Cambodgia. V-am aratat rasaritul la Angkor Wat, dar haideti sa il admiram si la lumina zilei!

angkor wat

angkor wat cambodia

monkey angkor

angkor wat siem reap

angkor wat tower

angkor wat statue

angkor wat buddha

angkor wat corridors

angkor wat interior

monk praying angkor wat

basrelief angkor

entrance angkor wat

angkor wat temple

columns angkor

window angkor

angkor wat hdr

angkor wat temple cambodia

columns windows angkor


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8 beautiful Angkor temples, in Cambodia

Banteay Srei (“Citadel of the Women”)

united_kingdomWith fine, detailed, tridimensional carvings on the walls, that looks like concrete lace, Banteay Srei is one of my favourite Angkor temples. Legend says that it’s been built by a woman, as the elaborate carvings are supposedly too fine for the hand of a man. Built in 967 AD, Banteay Srei was a temple dedicated to Shiva and is considered to be the jewel of Angkorian craftmanship. The surface of the temple is almost fully covered in decorations and mythical guardians watch over such perfect creations.

romania_flagBanteay Srey- Orasul Femeilor. Mici sculpturi tridimensionale, fine, detaliate, ce par a fi tesute din dantela fac din acest templu o bijuterie Angkoriana ce se afla printre preferatele mele din toate templele din Angkor, in Cambodia. Legenda spune ca Banteay Srei a fost construit de o femeie, deoarece sculpturile laboriaoase sunt mult prea fine pentru mainile unui barbat. Suprafetele peretilor sunt aproape in intregime acoperite in decoratiuni, iar creaturi mitice vegheaza asupra acestei minunate creatii. Templul a fost construit in anul 967 si a fost dedicat zeului  Shiva.

banteay srey carvingbanteay srei angkor banteay srei templebanteay srei carvings banteay srei at angkor banteay srei cambodiaguardiands banteay sreibanteay srey detail banteay srei decoration banteay srei at angkor, cambodia banteay srei details angkor temple banteay srei creatures banteay srei banteay srei entrance water lillies detail banteay srei

Preah Khan (“Sacred Sword”)

united_kingdomOne of the largest complexes at Angkor, the temple of Preah Khan reminds me of Ta Prohm, but with fewer visitors. In the maze of corridors, between the ruins, there were local children spending time.

romania_flagPreah Khan – “Sabia sacra“: este unul din cele mai vaste complexe din Angkor si parca seamana un pic cu templul Ta Prohm, dar cu mai putini turisti. Copii isi petreceau timpul in labirintul de ruine.

preah khan cambodia preah khan monk preah khan templepreah khan entrance preah khan preah khan tree monks preah khan preah khan angkor tree preah khan DSC_1179 DSC_1176 DSC_1178

Pre Rup (“Turning the body”)

united_kingdomPre Rup was built during Rajendravarman II and it has pyramid shape towers. “Turning the body” refers to a traditional method of cremation.

romania_flagTemplul Pre Rup – “Rotirea cadavrului”: a fost construit in timpul lui Radendravarman al II-lea si are turnuri in forma de piramida. Rotirea cadavrului se refera la o metoda traditionala de incinerare.

pre rup temple pre rup angkor pre rup detail

Neak Poan

united_kingdomA tower on a lake.

romania_flagNeak Poan: Templul de pe lac.

Neak poan lake Neak poan lake neak poan

Ta Som

united_kingdomTa Som temple, built in the 12th century, provides a good photo opportunity: a huge tree embracing the eastern tower.

romania_flagIn templul Ta Som, construit in sec al XII-lea, se afla un copac urias ce invaluie turnul de est.

ta som treeta som temple ta som ta som carving me ta som

Eastern Mebon

united_kingdomThis Hindu temple is guarded at its corners by carved stone elephants.

romania_flagMebonul de Est: acest templu Hindus este pazit la colturi de elefanti ciopliti in piatra.

eastern mebon eastern mebon elephants eastern mebon tower

Beng Mealea

united_kingdomBuilt in the 12th century, Beng Mealea is a mysterious temple drowned in jungle. Lonely Planet names it: “The ultimate Indiana Jones experience. Paths take you through piles of stones and hanging vines, and the foliage offers cool shadow during hot days.

romania_flagConstruit in sec al XII-lea, Beng Mealea e un templu misterios invadat de jungla. Ghidul Lonely Planet numeste templul :”experienta suprema Indiana Jones“. Sunt alei ce te duc printre gramezi de pietre si liane, iar umbra racoroasa a copacilor e perfecta in zilele calduroase!

beng mealea beng mealea temple beng mealea cambodia temple beng mealea beng mealea angkor beng mealea ruins

Preah Koh

united_kingdomBuilt in the 9th century, this temple dedicated to Shiva has 6 towers (3 in the front related to male ancestors and 3 in the back related to female ancestors). Stone lions guard the steps of the temple.

romania_flagConstruit in secolul IX si dedicat zeului Shiva, templul Preah Koh are 6 turnuri (cele 3 din fata se refera la stramosii de sex masculin, iar cele 3 turnuri din spate se refera la stramosii de sex feminin. Lei din piatra vegheaza treptele templului.

DSC_3869 preah koSee also:

Ta Prohm – the jungle temple in Cambodia

united_kingdomTa Prohm is by far my favorite temple of Angkor, in Cambodia- invaded by jungle, it has a mystical atmosphere and the big, strong roots embrace the walls giving the impression that the tall trees grew from the ruins! It’s like a real adventure game, expecting for hidden doors to open behind the roots and lianas.

This temple built in the late 12th century and abandoned in the 17th century, is one of the most popular temples at Angkor.

Scenes from the movie “Tomb Raider” (starring Angelina Jolie) were filmed here at Ta Prohm Temple.

romania_flagDintre toate templele din Angkor in Cambodgia, Ta Prohm este preferatul meu – este invaluit in atmosfera misterioasa a junglei, iar radacinile copacilor uriasi inconjoara zidurile templului si parca au crescut direct din ruine! M-am simtit ca intr-un joc de aventura, asteptand dintr-un moment in altul sa se deschida vreo usa ascunsa printre liane si radacini.

Construit la sfarsitul sec. XII si abandonat in sec. XVII, Ta Prohm este unul din cele mai vizitate si fotografiate temple din Angkor.

P.S. Aici au fost filmate scene din filmul “Tomb Raider“, cu Angelina Jolie.

Ta prohmta prohm, cambodiata prohm temple ta prohm, roots, cambodia ta prohm at angkorbasrelief ta prohm ta prohm tree ta prohm hdrta prohm, angkorta prohm cambodiata prohm in cambodia angkor, ta prohm tomb raider temple angelina jolie tomb raider ta prohm tomb raider temple ta prohm roots ta prohmta prohm roots ta prohm angkor cambodia

Bayon – the temple of 216 faces at Angkor, Cambodia

united_kingdomThe Bayon temple in Cambodia was the first Angkor temple that we visited in our Siem Reap trip. It became fast one of my favorite Angkor Temples (along with Ta Prohm and Banteay Srei).

From distance, Bayon looks like a disorganized pile of stones, but when coming closer you start seeing the massive, smiling faces on all the 54 towers of the temple. It’s impressive!

It’s thought that Bayon was built by king Jayavarman VII in 12th-13th century and the faces are representations of him.

romania_flagTemplul Bayon din Cambodia a fost primul pe care l-am vizitat in vacanta de 5 zile din Siem Reap. A devenit unul din templele mele preferate de la Angkor (ca si Ta Prohm si Banteay Srei).

Vazut de la distanta, templul Bayion pare o dezordine de pietre, dar cu cat te apropii vezi capete uriase ce zambesc, asezate pe cele 54 turnuri ale templului. 

 Se presupune ca templul Bayon a fost construit in timpul regelui Jayavarman al VII-lea in secolul 12-13, iar figurile il reprezinta.

heads bayon

bayon cambodia

bayon angkor

bayon lake

bayonbayon detail on wall

details bayon

at bayon temple temple faces in front of bayon temple

eu la templul bayon

elephants bayon

elephant ride at bayon temple siem reap cambodia angkor

crowded bayon

bayon inside

at bayon

bayon temple


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6 less famous temples at Angkor in Cambodia

They may not be as famous as Ta Prohm, Bayon or Banteay Srei, but they are as beautiful and inspiring. I am going to present to you the following six temples: Baphuon, Phimeanakas, Thommanon, Chau Say, Ta Keo, Banteay Kdei


united_kingdomBaphuon temple is a pyramidal representation of the mythical Mount Meru and it was built probably under king Suryavarman I and Udayadityavarman II in the 11th century.

romania_flagTemplul Baphuon e construit in forma de piramida si reprezinta Muntele Meru. Templul a fost construit in timpul regelui Suryavarman I si continuat in timpul lui Udayadityavarman al II-lea in secolul XI. 

temple baphuon

baphuon ruins

baphuon in cambodia

baphuon up

stairs climb baphuon   baphuon angkor wat

angkor temple baphuon



united_kingdomPhimeanakas is another representation of Mt Meru. The Terrace of Elephants was used as a giant viewing stand for public ceremonies.

romania_flagPhimeanaks e din nou o reprezentare a muntelui Meru, iar Terasa Elefantilor era o gigantica platforma folosita in timpul ceremoniilor publice.

phimeanakas terrace of elephants angkor


united_kingdomThese two temples were built around 12th century  under the reign of Suryavarman II and are dedicated to Shiva and Vishnu (the Supreme Gods in Hinduism).

romania_flagTemplele Thommanon si Chau Say au fost construite in secolul al XII-lea sub domnia regelui Suryavarman al II-lea si sunt dedicate zeilor Shiva si Vishnu – zeitatile supreme din religia Hindusa.

thommanon angkor thommanon thommanon cambodia Chau say temple chau say angkor chau say detail chau say tower chau say at angkor


united_kingdomTa Keo is an undecorated temple made of sandstone dedicated to Shiva. It was built under Jayavarman V, but was never finished (it’s believed that it was struck by lightning during its construction – a bad omen that led to its abandonment).

romania_flagTa Keo este un templu fara decoratii, dedicat zeului Shiva. Nu a fost terminat; legenda spune ca a fost lovit de fulger – un semn de ghinion, de aceea s-a abandonat constructia.

Ta Keo


united_kingdomBanteay Kdei is a large Buddhist Monastery built in 12th century.

romania_flagBanteay Kdei a  fost o mare Manastire Budista construita in secolul al XII-lea.

banteay kdei banetay kdei columns banteay kdei angkorbanteay kdei at angkor sculptures banteay kdei banteay kdei monastery banteay kdei cambodia banteay kdei in siem reap

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Sunrise at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

united_kingdomWe woke up at 4:30 AM, arrived at Angkor Wat around 5:30 AM and many people were already there waiting for Mother Nature’s sunrise at one of the most famous and beautiful temples in Cambodia.

I am not a big fan of sunrise, I much more prefer sunsets, but I Had to be there with the crowds, as it’s probably once in a life time opportunity.

The silhouette which Angkor Wat creates in the morning sunlight and the towers’ reflection in the pond makes me say it was the most beautiful sunrise I saw in my life, regardless of the fact that I had to wake up in the middle of the night (Yawn).

sunrise at angkor watpeople sunrise angkor sunrise Angkor Wat Cambodia angkor wat sunrise people at sunrise angkor wat people sunrise angkor watangkor wat sunrise, cambodia

romania_flagNe-am trezit la 4:30 dimineata, iar la 5:30 eram deja la templul Angkor Wat impreuna cu alti zeci de turisti, veniti sa vada spectacolul rasaritului oferit de Mama Natura la unul din cele mai faimoase si frumoase temple din Cambodgia. Nu sunt mare fan al rasaritului, prefer apusurile, dar Trebuia sa fiu acolo cu multimea, caci asemenea ocazie e probabil unica in viata. Silueta templului in lumina diminetii si reflexiile turnurilor in lacul cu nuferi m-au facut sa uit de trezirea din somnul dulce si tind sa cred ca este si va fi cel mai frumos rasarit din viata mea.