Angkor Wat by day (Cambodia)

united_kingdomAngkor Wat appears on Cambodia’s national flag and is the most popular and the most visited temple in Cambodia. I’ve showed you the sunrise at Angkor Wat, but let’s enjoy it’s splendor during daylight as well.

romania_flagTemplul Angkor Wat apare pe steagul Cambodgiei si este cel mai popular si cel mai vizitat templu din Cambodgia. V-am aratat rasaritul la Angkor Wat, dar haideti sa il admiram si la lumina zilei!

angkor wat

angkor wat cambodia

monkey angkor

angkor wat siem reap

angkor wat tower

angkor wat statue

angkor wat buddha

angkor wat corridors

angkor wat interior

monk praying angkor wat

basrelief angkor

entrance angkor wat

angkor wat temple

columns angkor

window angkor

angkor wat hdr

angkor wat temple cambodia

columns windows angkor


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