Tower of Pisa, Italy

united_kingdomWe visited Lucca and Pisa in the same day. While Lucca is quiet and not too crowded, Pisa tower is visited  by thousands of people every day, of which hundreds of them struggling to push with hands or carry the tower on their backs, just for a good photo.

The tower of Pisa is actually the bell tower of the Pisa Cathedral. Its construction started in the 12th century and took 199 years. During construction, the tower started to lean on one side due to inadequate foundation on soft grounds. Throughout the years it continued to lean, so straightening and stabilizing works were performed. The last stabilization happened in May 2008 and engineers stated that the tower stopped moving for the first time in its history and it should be stable for the next 200 years.

romania_flagLucca si Pisa le-am vazut in aceeasi zi, in drumul din Bologna spre Cinque Terre.

La turnul din Pisa vin zilnic mii de turisti, iar sute dintre ei fac poze in care se chinuie sa impinga ori sa care in spate turnul.

Turnul din Pisa e de fapt clopotnita catedralei in curtea careia se afla.Constructia sa a inceput in sec 12 si a durat 199 de ani. Inclinarea s-a produs in timpul constructiei datorita fundatiei inadecvate pe un teren mult prea moale. De-a lungul anilor unghiul de inclinare s-a accentuat de aceea a fost indreptat si stabilizat, ultima stabilizare s-a efectuat in mai 2008, iar inginerii au anuntat ca pentru prima oara in istoria sa turnul a incetat sa se incline si e in siguranta pentru urmatorii 200 de ani.

On the grass at Pisa Tower and Cathedral

Tower Pisa in Italy

Leaning tower of Pisa, Italy

people photo Pisa Tower
People taking photos while “pushing” the tower / Turistii care fac poze cu mainile in aer incercand sa impinga turnul din Pisa

Pushing the Tower of Pisa in Italy

The Tower of Pisa view from the back

Pisa cathedral in Italy

Pisa Cathedral, grass

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