Lucca, Italy

united_kingdomLucca is a medieval city often forgotten by tourists in Italy. The old city walls that surround the city are now used as promenade and the main sights in Lucca are Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, Duomo San Michelle and Duomo San Martino.

romania_flagLucca e un orasel medieval “uitat” de turistii ce viziteaza Italia. E inconjurat de ziduri de caramida, iar printre atractiile principale se numara Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, Domul Sf. Mihail si Domul Sf. Martin, pe care le puteti vedea in pozele de mai jos.

Anfiteatro Square Piazza in Lucca, Italy
Piazza Anfiteatro

Piazza San Martino, Lucca
San Martino Duomo

Catedrale San Martino, Lucca

Restaurant in Lucca, Italy

in Lucca, Italy

Duomo San Michele, Lucca, Italy
Duomo San Michelle

roof of Duomo San Michele in Lucca Italy
Roof of Duomo San Michelle / Acoperisului bisercii Sf. Michelle (Mihail)

Doors, bike, houses in Lucca

laundry window Italy Lucca

building amfiteatro square Lucca

in Lucca

Piazza anfiteatro amfiteatre square Lucca Italy

Piazza San Martino

Piazza Napoleone, Lucca, Italy

window shades in Italy

buildings in Lucca, Italy

in Lucca, italy

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