Viñales Valley, Cuba

united_kingdomThe beautiful Vinales Valley is located in the West of Cuba, a few hours by bus from Havana.

The main attraction in the Valley, and typical for this region, are the Mogotes – rocky flat mountains (the first photo).

The area is perfect for hiking or, how many people choose: horse-back riding (we didn’t ride horses and we don’t recommend it, because the horses seem to be underfed and sad).

I loved the views, the palm trees and  the mountains – beautiful and quiet.

romania_flagIn Vestul Cubei se afla frumoasa Valea Vinales si micul oras Vinales. In prima poza vedeti Mogotele, formatiuni muntoase turtite, reprezentative pentru Valea Vinales. Zona este superba pentru plimbari si excursii, intr-o liniste desavarsita. La mare cautare sunt traseele calare, dar noi nu am vrut sa facem asta, ne e mila de animale, multi dintre cai parand slabi si tristi.

Nu am mai vazut niciodata munti si palmieri in acelasi loc. Nu-i asa ca e frumos?

vinales mogotes

restaurant with view over the valley of vinales

vinales valley palmtrees

tobacco house vinales cubaTobacco farm / Ferma de tutun

horseback riding in vinales

vinales landscape


Vinales Town

united_kingdomNear Vinales Valley is the small town of Vinales.  All the houses here in Vinales have porches with rocking-chairs where you can sit and enjoy the street life.

Our Casa Particular had them too, and we sat in them during evenings to read or just observing the street life.

romania_flagLanga Valea Vinales se afla oraselul Vinales (e atat de mic, parca e sat)/ Aici toate casele au verande cu scaune balansoare. Si Casa Particular in care am petrecut cele 4 nopti avea balansoare pe veranda. Am stat in ele sa citim sau sa cascam gura la trecatorii de pe strada si la vecini.

In Cuba in general, mai ales aici in Vinales, toata lumea sta cu usile deschise la casa, toata lumea se cunoaste cu toata lumea, vecinii se viziteaza si exista un spirit de comunitate si prietenie. In lipsa internetului si mijloacelor “moderne” de comunicare, oamenii in Cuba chiar socializeaza. Oamenii de aici stau in usa, sau pe strada, si sunt foarte vorbareti, schimba doua vorbe cu toata lumea si sunt foarte veseli.

on the porch in vinales

porche house vinales

vinales center old car

town of vinales

vinales center church

The town center in Vinales / Centrul oraselului Vinales

church palmtree and moon

in vinales

square center vinales

hike in vinales valley (2)


sitting on porch

man and bulls in vinales

hike in vinales valley

in hammock with view of vinales valleyRestaurant with view over Vinales Valley/ Restaurant cu vedere asupra Vaii Vinales. V era in hamac

me and v with beautiful view

restaurant vinales valley

food in cuba rice black beans salad

view of vinales valley

banana tree flowerBanane

the valley of vinales

black cow in vinales valley

black bird cuba

brown cow in vinales cuba

palm tree vinales valley

man and old car in cuba

cart with bulls in vinales

vinales (2)

dog vinales

horse and carriage vinales

old car in vinales

vinales mogotte

vinales tobaccoTobacco / Tutun


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