Napoli, Italy – Pizza, Gelato, Narrow Streets

united_kingdomNaples is located on the West coast of Italy, just next to Vesuvius Volcano and is one of the oldest cities in the world.

Naples is famous for the pizza and ice cream (gelato). The travel guides recommend the pizzerias with the sign “Vera Pizza Napoletana” – authentic Naples pizza, freshly made in wood-fire brick oven. In the Historic Center of Naples I tried Limoncello, a lemon liquor produced in this region of Italy.

The streets in Napoli are narrow, paved with stones and the buildings are decorated with laundry hanging from the windows. The Historic Center can feel claustrophobic, with no green spaces or parks, but it has an unique Italian charm. Italy for me is one of the most beautiful countries, with the most seductive language, and the Naples Dialect is very pleasant for the ears. The garbage on the streets – which is a real problem in Naples – did not stop me from enjoying every second spent in this noisy, crowded, beautiful city!

romania_flagNapoli este unul din cele mai vechi orase din lume, datand dinainte de Hristos si se afla in vecinatatea Vulcanului Vezuviu, pe coasta de Vest a Italiei si are unul din cele mai mari porturi la Marea Mediterana.

Napoli e faimos pentru bunatatile italiene:  pizza si inghetata. Ghidurile de calatorie recomanda pizzeriile care au la intrare semnul “Vera Pizza Napoletana”, pentru o experienta autentica de lins pe degete, proaspat scoasa din cuptorul cu lemne. In Centrul Istoric din Napoli am degustat Limoncello – care este un lichior de lamaie, produs in aceasta regiune a Italiei.

In Napoli simti cu adevarat spiritul Italian, cu stradute inguste si cladiri cu balcoane din care flutura rufe la uscat. Centrul Istoric e o jungla de beton si piatra cubica, claustrofob, fara spatii verzi sau parcuri, insa are un sarm de neegalat. 

Italia este pentru mine una din cele mai frumoase tari, cu cea mai seducatoare limba, iar dialectul din Napoli este ca un puf placut pentru urechi. Am trait cu intensitate si fericire fiecare moment, in ciuda gunoaielor de pe strazi, care reprezinta o adevarata problema in Napoli.


Naples laundry

Scooter in Naples

Naples Buildings with balconies

Napoli narrow street

very dark narrow street in Naples Italy

Napoli Old Center

Street and Buildings in Napoli

Vera pizza Napoletana - sign

Napoli - street in Historic Center

Traffic in Naples

A street in Napoli

Naples trash, gunoi NapoliThe garbage on the streets – which is a real problem in Naples / Gunoaiele din Napoli – o problema in Napoli

Castel dell'Ovo, Napoli, Italia Castello del’Ovo

church in the old center of Naples

Galeria Umberto, NapoliGalleria Umberto

Napoli - Castel Nuovo, Maschio Angioino Castel Nuovo

Napoli and Vesuv Volcano The Port of Naples and Vesuv Volcano in the background / Portul Napoli si Vulcanul Vezuviu pe fundal

Napoli Panorama with Vesuvius Volcano in the background

Port of Naples

Napoli seaside

Napoli - buildings overview

Napoli, centro historico

Naples Black and White

Building in Napoli

From Naples you can go on a day trip by boat to Capri Island or a day trip by train to Vesuv and Pompeii.

Close to Naples, on the Amalfi Coast, there are two nice cities to visit and spend a few days: Sorrento and Positano.

16 thoughts on “Napoli, Italy – Pizza, Gelato, Narrow Streets

    • Hi! Thanks! I read the book Eat, Pray, Love recently and I loved the part when she was in Italy and how they ate pizza in Napoli! Such a charming city!

    • Hi Deepak, thank you, I am glad you enjoy my photos 🙂 actually this series is made with my old camera, a Nikon D90 with a 18-105 mm lens. In other albums there are photos made with 85 mm or 16-35 mm on a D600. Cheers 🙂

  1. Traffic used to be a nightmare, crossing the road could almost be an end of life situation, they didn’t seem to have any rules about who stops or which vehicles give way and to what has it improved?

  2. Amazing! I recognize the places but looks so much different in the summer/warm days, the light is different most of all. But the limoncello is equally good no matter the month 😀 Love Italy, same as you, will never get enough of it

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