Evening around Flagey in Brussels

united_kingdomIxelles is one of the 19 neighborhoods (communes) in Brussels. Place Flagey and the Ixelles Ponds are the most famous parts of Ixelles . Following are photos made during this clear winter evening. You may not feel the freezing wind through the photos, but I assure you it was cruel with my hands holding the camera.

romania_flagIxelles e una din cele 19 comune (districte) din Bruxelles. Piata Flagey si Lacurile Ixelles sunt cele mai cunoscute locuri din Ixelles. Pozele urmatoare sunt facute in aceasta seara senina de iarna. Voi nu veti simti din poze vantul rece, dar va asigur ca a mi-au inghetat mainile pe camera foto.

church flageybird house ixelles pondsA bird “cottage” on the lake / “Vila” pentru pasarile de pe lac

cafe belga brussels 2014Cafe Belgaswan flageySwan with the head in water / Lebada cu capul in apa

corner building. belgiumecole communale ixelleschurch flagey ixelles belgiqueflagey buildingFlagey Building / Cladirea Flageybirds flagey ixelles duck on one leg lake brussels architecture layered housesgirl ixellesAround Ixelles Lakes you can walk or jog. Or just take photos. / In jurul lacurilor din Ixelles poti alerga sau face plimbari relaxante

cafe belga church ixellesred sunset, bruxelles

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