The Lavaux-Sainte-Anne Castle, Belgium

The  Lavaux-Sainte-Anne Castle (Château de Lavaux-Sainte-Anne), located in Belgium, was erected around 1450 and it has a moat, a drawbridge and massive round towers. Later, around the year 1630, the Baron Jacques Reynard de Rouveroy adapted the castle to the fashion of that time by adding a beautiful roofs to the towers, remodeled the interior and the inner courtyard.

Today, the rooms of the castle are large and simple, with medieval furniture, large fireplaces and wooden floors that squeak under your steps.

The castle is like a museum of hunt and some rooms display mounted animals.

Practical information:

  • opened from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm (5 pm from 1st of Nov till 1st of April)
  • Last ticket is sold 1h15min before the closing time
  • Adress: Rue du Chateau, 8, 5580 Lavaux-Sainte-Anne. It’s easy to get there by car from Brussels, but more difficult by public transport.

The blue sky that I was hoping for, was covered in clouds that shed a few tears, but I am used to Belgian weathers, so I will not complain any further 😉

View from the garden

A little stone bridge in the courtyard of the castleA little stone bridge in the courtyard of the castle

that's the closest I could get. One step more and off it went :)That’s the closest I could get. One step more and she ran away.

Garden view

Inside the castle

I loved this spiral wooden staircaseI loved this spiral wooden staircase

These chairs look very umcomfortable with those deer horns all over the place. One wrong move...and that's it for you :DThese chairs looked uncomfortable with deer horns all over the place. One wrong move and…

A nice window

the stable at Lavaux-Sainte-Anne CastleThe stable at Lavaux-Sainte-Anne Castle

view over the garden at Lavaux-Sainte-Anne CastleThe garden of Lavaux-Sainte-Anne Castle

roses and castle

another room with a large fireplace

cobbled alley

the inner garden of the CastleThe inner garden of the Castle

You can have wedding at this castle

The nice stone bridgeA little stone bridge

the same staircase from earlier, only that this is a frontal view

The inner courtyard wth nice columns

a very intrigued deer

the garden

the beautiful castle


the pond around the Castle

water around

another window view

orange leaves and a nice castle

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