Cayo Jutias, Cuba

A day trip from Vinales to Cayo Jutias – a beautiful beach with turquoise waters in Cuba. Our taxi was an old American Chevrolet. Jump for joy!

O excursie de o zi la Cayo Jutias (Plaja Jutias) de langa Vinales, in Cuba. Taxiul care ne-a dus acolo era un Chevrolet vechi! Mi-a placut!


cayo jutias cuba

cayo jutias

cuba jutias

cayo jutias pelican

cayo jutias day trip from vinales


cuba beach


drifted wook cayo jutias

on cayo jutias

road to cayo jutiasRoad to Cayo Jutias / Drumul spre Cayo Jutias

taxi to cayo jutiasTaxi to Cayo Jutias / taxiul care ne-a dus si ne-a intors din Cayo Jutiasvinales cayo jutias

on cayo jutias (2)

10 thoughts on “Cayo Jutias, Cuba

  1. Breath taking view… The details and colors were captured beautifully. They are all so clear. I’m new in photography and I really love looking at pictures like the way you captured it. It would be superb if you could also include your camera settings for each photos (I.e., aperture, shutter speed, ISO). 🙂

    • Thank you, I am not writing the techincal specifications for each photo because it would clutter my blog and would take too much time, but if you are interested in any specific photo, I will be more than happy to respond. As a general rule, in this particular day the ISO was at its lowest, for landscapes apertures 9-12, portraits -lower aperture for blurred background (less than 4.5), shutterspeed at least double than the focal lenght,- to make sure the photo isn’t moved or blurred.

  2. Gorgeous images… 🙂

    Perfect place for a model shoot…

    Some of the images could be on the cover of any Fashion/Life style/Travel magazine 🙂

    Please do convey my words of appreciation to your boyfriend 🙂

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