Positano, Italy

Positano is a small, picturesque town on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. There are colored houses built on the rocky mountain and splendid views of the blue Tyrrhenian Sea. There are also hundreds of stairs leading everywhere and also a twisted narrow road to walk on to get to the top for the best postcard-like views! Every step you take in Positano, there is something to be photographed!


positano beach turquoise sea

It might remind you of Cinqueterre in Italy, with the layers of colored houses built at the edge of the sea.

positano italy houses coloredThe coast in Positano. View of the Harbour, beach and houses

positano houses italyThe Dome of Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta

fuchsia flowers in positano italy

pink flowers positano view italia

ceramic on walls italy positano

cat positano brick color wall

door details decoration positano italia

street positano italyNarrow streets in Positano

alley covered with flowers in positano shopping streetThe shopping street in Positano

restaurant positano italia fotoA restaurant with a magnificent view!

view positano colors


positano coast houses rock mountain

coast positano

tree italy blue sea

blue sea italy positano tree


beach in positano italia

shopping street positano

You can take day trips to Positano by boat. We took the boat from Sorrento, where we had the hotel, but there are boats from Napoli, Capri, or other cities in the Amalfi Coast area.

arriving by boat in positano


13 thoughts on “Positano, Italy

    • Hello! 🙂
      I think one day is enough.
      I spent about 6 hours there and it was enough for walking, taking photos, resting, eating in a nice restaurant and enjoying some time on the beach.

  1. It’s truly breathtaking. My dad is planning on going to Netherlands this weekend, and he was wondering about places close by.
    This definitely makes one of my top suggestions. It’s gorgeous. :O

  2. Brought back fond memories of Italy! Spent most of my time at university in firenze… you should check out Tuscany when you get the chance! Do you modify your photos in any way, some look almost like paintings…?

  3. Great photos. I wish to visit Positano in September. Could you please write the locations where the beautiful photos of the Mediterranean were taken from? Thanks…:)

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