Florence, Italy

united_kingdomI wanted to go to Florence because it was supposed to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the capital of Italian Renaissance. Little did I know how crowded it can be. Florence is one of the most popular destinations in Italy, so that means it’s flooded with tourists. I don’t know about you, but I prefer less beaten paths. It’s easily understood that because of the thousands of tourists, I didn’t like Florence very much.

The Basilica Santa Maria del Fiore (Duomo di Firenze) is the main sight in Florence. It’s impressive because it’s huge and the facade is rich in details and decorations. I couldn’t admire it in peace because it was surrounded by hundreds of people and illegal sellers. In contrast, the interior of the church is plain and simple.

We also visited Boboli Gardens for the ridiculous price of 10 Euros, including also a hat and ceramic exhibition. Maybe I would have liked the garden more if it were sunny and the entrance wouldn’t cost so much for what it had to offer.

There is also Ponte Vecchio over Arno River (a brownish-greenish river, uglier than the river Thames). The bridge was packed with tourists. Why is it so popular? It has little houses built on its walls.

The history and beauty of Florence is fading under the bustle of today. The city is tourist trap and overpriced. I did not fell in love with Florence.

 romania_flagDe ce am vizitat Florenta? Pentru ca se spune ca e unul din cele mai frumoase orase din lume si pentru ca nu mi-am imaginat ca poate fi atat de aglomerat. Florenta e unul din cele mai populare orase din Italia, drept pentru care e si foarte vizitat de turisti. Nu stiu voi cum sunteti, dar eu prefer cararile mai putin batatorite. E lesne de inteles ca din cauza miilor de turisti, Florenta nu mi-a placut foarte mult.

Catedrala Santa Maria del Fiore este simbolul orasului Florenta si este impresionanta prin marimea si detaliile exterioare, dar nu am putut-o admira in pace pentru ca era inconjurata de sute de oameni si vanzatori ambulanti. In interior e un contrast enorm cu exteriorul, in sensul ca este foarte simpla, fara detaliile, ornamentele si picturile prezente in alte catedrale  de acest fel.

In afara de catedrala am mai vizitat Gradina Boboli pentru ridicolul pret de 10 euro, in acest pret intrand la pachet si o expozitie de palarii si ceramica. Poate gradina mi-ar fi placut mai mult daca era soare si daca nu costa atat de mult pentru ceea ce ofera.

Am  trecut si pe la Ponte Vecchio (Podul Vechi) peste raul Arno (un rau verde maro, mai dezgustator ca Tamisa din Londra). Podul era arhiplin si toata lumea se poza cu el. De ce e asa faimos? Are casute construite pe peretii sai.

Istoria orasului Florenta piere sub vacarmul si aglomeratia din ziua de azi. A devenit o capcana turistica cu preturi umflate artificial.  Nu m-am indragostit de Florence.


houses, river, florence

Ponte Vecchio firenze italia

Boboli garden and Pitti Palace
Boboli Garden

Basilica Santa Maria del Fiore, Italy, Florence
Santa Maria del Fiore Basilica

Santa maria del fiore (duomo di firenze)

Duomo Firenze, bell tower, florence Dome

boboli garden florence peonies
Peonies in Boboli Garden / Bujori in Gradina Boboli

Palazzo Pitti Florence

heads in water florence boboli

Firenze, scooters, statue

Boboli garden, Florence

Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy

Piazza della Signoria, Neptune Statue
Piazza della Signoria and Neptune Statue / Piazza primariei si statuia lui Neptun

Have you been to Florence? How did you like it?

7 thoughts on “Florence, Italy

  1. You are totally right that Florence is no longer a city that is pleasant to visit. I visited in 1980 (in the same trip as Pisa) and have very good memories of the city but I wouldn’t want to go back now that it is so crowded. A good friend of ours went last December and he was very disappointed as well; he was very upset with the multitude of tourists who ran from one place to another taking pictures of themselves without really taking in the beauty of the place and its historical significance. It is really too bad. (Suzanne)

    • Yes, I fully agree with what your friend described, that was my feeling too. I wonder how it was in 1980 when you were there. Probably less crowded? I guess travelling wasn’t so free and easy like today, so I imagine it was more organized and quieter.

      • Yes, travelling in the 80s was quite different to today. It wasn’t as easy as you didn’t have phones or Internet to get all of your information. It was mostly discovering where you could sleep once you got there as well as discovering what there was to see. As digital & phone photography didn’t exist, people didn’t run around simply taking pictures but took the time to absorb what they were seeing. It was also probably a more slower pace travelling as you didn’t have all of the low-cost airlines so you took buses & trains. There were less people as a lot of countries didn’t allow their citizens to travel freely: China, Easter Block countries, etc…you were starting to see a few Japanese groups but it was very much a minority. The drawback was that the tourist infrastructure wasn’t always perfect…or as comfortable as today. I was a university student at the time so was travelling on a small budget which brought its own challenges…it was fun though for a North American to discover Europe. (Suzanne)

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