Koh Wai Island, Thailand

I’ve always dreamt of being in a place that looks like a wallpaper for the monitor, with palm trees leaning over the sea, blue sky, turquoise waters. I think Koh Wai Island in Thailand is almost close to perfection. What do you think?

Beach Koh Wai Thailand

beach thailandKoh wai beach thailand Ko Wai Island, Thailand

Koh Wai Island

The Island was not crowded (compared to the European Beaches) and the tourists vacationing on the island were mostly (if not only) Russians. There are wooden bungalows directly on the beach, in between the palm trees, very basic, built on high wooden pillars in the air, with holes between the wooden walls, no insect nets and with shared toilets and showers.

We came here as a one day trip from Koh Chang island (a bigger sister of Koh Wai).

bungalow koh waiswing koh wai beach koh wai islandbeach palmtree thailand koh wai Bungalows Koh Wai Thailand

Things to do on Koh Wai Island

Koh Wai Island it’s a great spot for snorkeling.

Roast in the sun, enjoy the quiet atmosphere and the relaxing views over the clear blue sea.

Have a fruit cocktail or eat spicy Thai food at one of the two restaurants on Koh Wai (the one on the main beach lends books).

Walk along the main beach and find a path which will take you further to a small, quiet and private beach.

Enjoy the sound of nature!

books koh waienjoy the sound of nature beach palmtree thailand Koh waiKoh Wai Island, ThailandPalmtree beach koh wai

What if…

I couldn’t help but wonder, if I were alone on an empty island, would I make it to survive? There are bananas and coconuts growing on trees, so maybe I wouldn’t starve…but it’s quite scary to be alone in the middle of the nature, even in a gorgeous place like this :).

bee at koh wai beachIsland ko waikoh wai islandkoh wai beachKoh wai, thailandIsland Thailand waibeach thailand koh waiKoh wai thailandPalmtree koh wai thailandbananas thailandIf you to travel to Thailand for you next exotic vacation, don’t forget that the best times to visit this region of Thailand is in the dry season (end of November until March). Don’t miss:

11 thoughts on “Koh Wai Island, Thailand

  1. Many transcendent images. Beautiful and rich in color. Warmed me up a bit, sitting in my cold office. I’d love to sit on that swing for a few hours, just looking out on the water.

    • 😀 It is looking like a paradise and the moment the boat was approaching the shore and I saw the view, I said to myself that I could stay there for a long time. Unfortunately, the housing conditions on Ko Wai are not the best, there are only wooden bungalows probably full of insects, the toilets are common and it’s kind of crowded with tourists. Nevertheless, it’s an amazing place to visit. I assume you would not be afraid of bugs and other flying/crawling insects? 😀 😀

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