Beloeil Castle, Belgium

Beloeil Castle (“Château de Belœil” in French) in Belgium, is located at 1 hour drive from Brussels. Château de Belœil is one of the most beautiful Castles in Belgium and dates back from the 14th century and is surrounded by a beautiful Baroque garden. Beloeil Castle and its gardens can be visited only during some months of the year (see below the practical info).

When I went to Belœil Castle in Belgium there weren’t many visitors, which was perfect: quiet and peaceful!

The alleys of the park surrounding the Château de Belœil were quite muddy to walk on. Luckily during weekends every 20 minutes there is a Choo Choo Train that drives around for the tour of the gardens.

Practical info about Chateau de Beloeil in Belgium:

Château de Belœil belgium

beloeil castle garden and lake

Château de Belœil interior

Château de Belœil, belgique belgium

Château de Belœil

chateau de beloeil garden

beloeil castle belgium











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