Bangkok, day 3 – markets and malls

There are many markets and shopping centers in Bangkok, each stand selling different products than the others, with big diversity and many choices.

Pratunam Market in Bangkok

Apparently it’s the cheapest market in all Thailand and people all over the country come to shop here, especially in bulk, as the prices go lower for bigger quantities.

The choices are endless and the prices are too good to be true compared to European prices. Most products are made in Thailand and have a good quality.

Pratunam market bangkok pratunam market in bangkok bangkok pratunam market pratunam market

Platinum Mall in Bangkok

It’s a wholesale mall just next to Pratunam Market and it sells mostly women clothes and accessories. There are so many products and choices! Basically, you can dress yourself from head to toes at reasonable prices. The sizes are usually small, because Thai women are petite.

platinum mall bangkokaround platinum mall

Street food in Bangkok

Would you believe that for 2-4 Euros you can eat a great dinner and have drinks? It’s true! The street food is good it’s safe, considering that for a hole month I’ve been eating it and didn’t have any troubles 😀 They cook and sell things like: soup, fish, rice, chicken, pork, fruits, seafood and curry. Sometimes there are tables on the sidewalk and eating with the locals is the best way to dive into local culture.

street food bangkok eating on street bangkok

Central World Mall in Bangkok

This one has brands from Calvin Klein to Forever 21.  It wasn’t the inside that intrigued me, but the nice Christmasy feeling around it, with lights, decorations and teenagers hanging out.

central world in bangkok christmas tree at central world bangkok central world mall bangkok

Night traffic in Bangkok

Day and night, the traffic is horrendous!

traffic bangkok bangkok night traffic night bangkok night traffic bangkok

motorbikes bangkok

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9 thoughts on “Bangkok, day 3 – markets and malls

  1. Some great images. Looking forward to my next trip back there. Completely with your comments about the street food. Some of the best food, cheapest, and a really good way to meet locals. I avoid “western” food when I am out there.

  2. Look your pics man! Bangkok looks quite different from the few times I visited it, mind you that was during occasions including Songkran, Chinese New Year and just … every time I get bored. This makes me want to hop on the next plane back though !

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