Bouillon, Belgium

united_kingdomBouillon is a touristic francophone city in Belgium, situated at the border with France and which dates back in the 10-11th century. Bouillon is crossed by the Semois river and can be admired from the fortress of Bouillon Castle situated on the hill and overlooking the city.

romania_flagBouillon, in Belgia, e un oras francofon aflat la granita cu Franta. Orasul dateaza de prin secolul X si e un oras turistic in ziua de azi, in special datorita Castelului fortareata, ce vegheaza orasul de la inaltimea dealului din apropiere. Bouillon e inconjurat de raul Semois, care gazduieste orasul in curba sa ca o potcoava.

colored sunset in Bouillon

The castle on the hill, Semois river and houses in Bouillon
Castelul pe deal, raul Semois si case in Bouillon

The Semois river, view from the hillSemois River, view from Bouillon Castle
Raul Semois vazut din castel

Castle in Bouillonmedieval show at Bouillon CastleAt Bouillon Castle: man dressed in medieval clothes who was also part of an eagle show
Barbat in haine medievale ce ofera vizitatorilor din castel un spectacol cu vulturi dresati

A white hawkAn eagle at the CastleHouses reflected on the riverHouses in Bouillon on Semois River
Case de-a lungul raului Semois din orasul Bouillon

Detail of housesThe Semois river that goes through BouillonView from the castle
Bouillon parking
the hill and the castle on the left

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