Fes, Morocco

Fes was the last destination of our week in Morocco. We’ve stayed for 3 nights at a Riad near the Blue Gate in the Medina. We had 2 full days to visit everything we wanted.

The amazing part is that the Medina in Fes is a super maze of hundreds of narrow streets, full of shops, people, animals.

Some of the alleys in the Medina have a roof, and the light shines through the cracks creating a magical light effect.

You will deffinetly get lost if you venture yourself without a paid guide or a gps.


Fes a fost ultima destinatie din saptamana petrecuta in Maroc. Am stat in Medina, la un Riad aproape de Poarta Albastra.

Medina din Fes este un labirint de alei inguste, pline cu magazine, oameni sau animale. Unele alei au acoperis prin crapaturile caruia trec razele soarelui, creand un efect  luminos foarte frumos.

Ca sa nu te ratacesti pe stradutele din Medina ai doua variante: platesti un ghid pentru cateva ore sau stai cu GPS-ul in mana (am downloadat pe telefon harta orasului Fes, pentru offline ca nu aveam internet pe strada, si cu gps-ul ne-am ghidat prin sutele de stradute din Medina).

In Cele 3 nopti in Fes, adica 2 zile pline am avut timp suficient ca sa vedem tot ce era de vazut.


Mosaic in the Riad

Medina in Fes

Enjoying a mint tea and moroccan sweets on the rooftop of our Riad

Breastfeeding in Morocco

Merenid tombs

5 thoughts on “Fes, Morocco

      • Actually, Pierre visited in 1978…way before we met but I have yet to visit Morocco. It has been on our list for a while but we have never managed to visit it. We still have lots of places we haven’t been that we want to visit…but hopefully we will start travelling again soon. We haven’t done much lately because of various family reasons.

        • If you go, I can’t wait to see your photos 🙂 I suppose I can follow your photos only on Flickr, since you are not posting on the blog anymore?

          • Yes, we have closed the blog for now…didn’t have time or will to keep it going. Our pictures will now be only posted on Flickr. The links can be found in our last posting and you can follow us there as I think you also have a Flickr accounts. We aren’t taking many new photos these days. I am currently slowly adding pictures I have taken on a recent trip to Toronto but otherwise we are very active.

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