Mons, Belgium

united_kingdomMons is a francophone city in Belgium. It was lovely to visit, not just because of the main sights, but also because it was Sunday morning and the streets were empty and almost no traffic.

romania_flagMons e un oras in partea francofona a Belgiei. A fost tare draguta plimbarea mai ales ca duminica dimineata orasul era gol, fara trafic sau oameni pe strazi.

The Belfry Tower in Mons
The Belfry in Mons built in the 17th century it has 87 meters in height / Clopotnita din Mons – turn construit in sec 17, de 87 m inaltime, este simbolul orasului

Town Hall in Grand Place in Mons, Belgium
The City Hall in the Main Square / Primaria in piata centrala

Mail Box in Mons, Belgium

Grand Place in Mons, Belgium

Mons, The mayor's Garden behind the Town Hall
The Mayor’s Garden / Gradina Primarului

The Mayor's Garden, Mons, BelgiumFlowers in Mons


Sainte Waudru church
Saint Waudru Collegiate church – Gothic architecture / Biserica Sf Waudru in stil gotic

Interior of Sainte Waudru collegiate church
Interior of the Church / In interiorul Bisericii sf Waudru

Sunday Ceremony Mons, Sainte Waudru
Sunday morning ceremony / Slujba de Duminica in biserica din Mons

Waudru Church in Mons, Belgique

Mons, Belgium

The park at the Belfry Tower in Mons
The Park next to the Belfry / Parcul de langa turn

Chairs in Grand Place in Mons, Belgium
Central square in Mons with restaurants outside in the sun / Scuarul central cu restaurante si cafenele in soare

trees with knitted covers
Trees with knitted blouses / Copaci…imbracati

dressed statue in Mons
Dressed statue / Si o statuie imbracata in rochie tricotata

Old fountains - fontainte pillory and Red Well (Rouge Puits)
Two old fountais / Doua fantani vechi in orasul Mons

architecture in Mons
Architecture in Mons / Frumoasa arhitectura belgiana

Mons Architecture

stairs in Mons, Belgium

mailbox and house in Mons, Belgium
Red Mailbox in front of a house / Cutie postala rosie in fata unei case

Sainte Waudru collegiate, Mons, Belgium

Sainte Waudru, Mons

Sainte Waudru interior

Mons, Sainte Waudru collegiate church

Now you tell me, isn’t it a lovely looking city? I loved it!

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16 thoughts on “Mons, Belgium

    • Yes, it’s true, especially the smaller cities have a very calm and relaxed atmosphere. And the architecture adds to this charm. It’s a lovely little country this Belgium ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Beautiful photos! I especially love the trees with knitted blouses. I saw something similar for the first time in Germany last Christmas and it made me laugh ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. We’ve been so desperate for spring in this part of Canada. Your photos have made the anticipation that much more wonderful. We’re getting there … slowly! The knitting is always such a treat to see. I’ve been surprised by bits of it here and there in my town, but nothing as colourful and fantastic as this.

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