Maramures, Romania

Maramures is a peaceful and quiet region located in the North-West of Romania and it’s impressive with its rural landscape. Here we find villages where century-old traditions are still part of daily life, the air is fresh, there’s no pollution and the sound of nature surrounds your senses.

Things to see in Maramures

Maramures Wooden Churches

Famous and unique in the world for their double roof and tall, pointy towers, in Maramures there are many wooden chuches, 8 of them being listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The Budesti-Joseni wooden church is one of them (in the following photos).

Budesti Josani wooden church

Dating from the 17th century, this small wooden church is listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site:

biserica budesti josani

budesti josani bisericaThe Southern side of Budesti Josani church

biserica de lemn budesti josaniThe back of the Budesti Joseni Church

Barsana Monastery

Dating from year 1390, this monastery complex is situated on the valley of Iza River. Observe the specific high, pointy bell-towers of the wooden churches.

manastirea barsana din maramuresTypical wooden Churches, with high pointy bell tower, at Barsana Monastery

At sapanta monastery  Barsana Monastery in Romania

manastirea barsanamaramures, manastirea barsanaBarsana Monastery in Maramures, with a nice pointy roof


There are vast fields in Maramures,  world famous for the hayricks drying in the sun at the end of summer. People here cut the grass manually with a scythe. The landscape is simply beautiful and relaxing.

haystack in maramures, capite fan in maramuresFields with hay-stacks, traditional in Maramures rural environment

capite in maramuresapus in maramuresRural landscape with hay ricks in Maramures, Romania

sunset haystack, apus capita fan

Wooden Gates

The wooden gates of Maramures are manually carved by the local craftsman and each gate is unique and impressive with its style. The gates have a roof and various carvings on them (many with a sun, a symbol of wellbeing).

poarta maramuresTraditional carved wooden gate in Maramures

poarta sculptata in maramuresSun carved on wooden gate in Maramures, Romania

carved wooden gate maramures

People and life in Maramures

People in Maramures lead a decent, simple life, many still working the field. Women still wear scarves on their heads and some farmers go to field in horse-drawn carts.

femei batic maramuresTwo women with traditional outfit for the region

banca la poarta maramuresEach household has a bench at the gate where neighbors can sit and chat

people maramuresWoman and girls coming from the field

caruta cai maramuresHorse and carriage is still used as transportation in some villages in Romania

street in maramuresman with scythePeople still cut grass with a scythe in Maramures

atelier sculptor maramuresThe local wood craftsman’s atelier
wood carver atelier
biserica de lemn budesti susani
Wooden church at Budesti Susani in Maramures (from the 17th century)

cimitir budesti susani cemeteryTombstones in Maramures, at Budesti Susani Monastery

crengi cu oale maramuresIf the red pot is on the top, then the household has a girl ready to be married (tradition in Maramures)

covoare fete de masa maramuresHandmade carpets and tablecloths – traditional Maramures pattern with contrast and vivid colors

manastirea sapantaSapanta Monastery – wooden church with tall thin roofs, characteristic for Maramures Region

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