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Romania Holiday

Photos from our yearly trip to Romania (June 2018)

Sibiu, Romania

Photos from Sibiu, a beautiful city in the heart of Romania

Arad, Romania

Arad, a city in the West of Romania, close to the border with Hungary.

My 2015 summer travels

My summer so far, in photos from our trip across Europe: South of Germany, Austria, Romania, Slovakia.

Autumn at the Village Museum in Bucharest

The Village Museum is one of my favorite places in Bucharest. It’s actually a park with traditional Romanian village houses

IRON GATES – beautiful border between Serbia and Romania

The Iron Gates (“Portile de Fier” in Romanian) is a Danube Gorge of around 134 km long which separates Serbia from Romania (representing the border between these two countries). To go from Romania… Continue reading

Romanian Easter Food to boost your mood

In ROMANIA, Easter reunites the family for a rich and carefully prepared lunch. The main dishes are: lamb, pasca and eggs.   Easter table setup in Romania: Salads, Red Eggs, Drob and fresh… Continue reading

Bucharest, the Capital of Romania

Bucharest used to be nicknamed the “Little Paris” during the interwar period – the buildings were fancy and there was a Triumphal Arch. The Victory Avenue was compared to Champs-Elysees. Nowadays it’s just… Continue reading

The Village Museum, Bucharest, Romania

The Village Museum in Bucharest, Romania, is an open air museum about the traditional Romanian village life from the past and present. There are houses, churches, furniture and tools from their original locations.… Continue reading

Pastele Cailor (Horse Easter), Targoviste, Romania

Every year on the first Saturday of Lent, the Bulgarian community in Targoviste, Romania, is celebrating the Horse Easter (or Saint Theodor day), marking the end of winter and beginning of spring. The… Continue reading

The Sphinx, Romania

The Sphinx is a natural rock formation at 2216 meters of altitude in the Bucegi Mountains in Romania. It’s 8 meters high and from a certain angle, the Sphinx resembles a human head,… Continue reading

My hometown – Targoviste, Romania.

What to see in Targoviste? 1. THE ROYAL COURT WITH CHINDIA TOWER The Royal Court and Chindia Tower, the symbol of Targoviste Targoviste is a city full of history. It used to be… Continue reading