Culture shock in Linz, Austria

united_kingdomThe evening I’ve spent in Linz was the first time I’ve experienced a culture shock. I’ve never seen so many pierced people, so many badly-dressed people and so many torn jeans in my entire life. I’ve never been so analyzed from head to toes by EVERY person passing by and I’ve never been so stared at, like it happened in here in Linz.

After living in the bubble of Belgium for a few years already, I got used to a certain way of behaving and being treated. For example, in Belgium, no one looks at anyone, no one makes eye contact on the street or in subway and if I went out with pink hair nobody would notice (and even if they did, they would try not to stare). And I like it this way.

I’ve traveled a lot and I could say I am opened to new ways of living, respecting people and their culture, but this city took me by surprise. I almost fell like a narrow minded westerner who thinks their way is the right way, but I urgently shook this feeling off and I embraced this new experience with a positive attitude. And I enjoyed the city!

There is no right way or weird way, it’s just people living in different cultures. A life lesson learned in Linz, the third largest city in Austria.

romania_flagIn seara petrecuta in Linz a fost prima oara cand am trait un soc cultural. Nu am vazut niciodata atat de multi tineri cu pierceing-uri negre in buze, limba, nas, sprancene, atatia oameni imbracati atat de urat si asa de multi jeansi taiati si tociti de parca eram la Obor in miezul zilei printre cocalari si pitipoance.

Am fost privita si analizata din cap pana in picioare de catre Fiecare trecator in parte.

Traind de cativa ani in Belgia, m-am obisnuit cu un anumit mod de comportament. De exemplu, in Belgia nimeni nu se holbeaza la nimeni, contactul vizual pe strada sau in metrou e inexistent, iar daca as iesi pe strada cu parul curcubeu, nimenui nu i-ar pasa (sau cel putin ar incerca sa evite sa se uite la mine). Si imi place astfel.

Am calatorit destul de mult si pot spune ca sunt deschisa la alte moduri de a fi si a gandi, tolerand si respectand alte culturi, dar orasul asta m-a luat prin surprindere. Aproape ca m-am simtit ca un vestic incuiat la minte, dar am scuturat repede acest sentiment si am imbratisat aceasta noua experienta cu o atitudine pozitiva. Orasul mi-a lasat intr-un final un sentiment placut!

Nu exista mod corect sau incorect cand vine vorba de diferentele intre tari si culturi. O lectie de viata invatata in Linz, al treilea oras ca marime in Austria.


the city center in Linz, AustriaMain square in the center of Linz / piata centrala in orasul Linz

Danube in Linz, AustriaThe Danube crosses Linz / Dunarea traverseaza orasul Linz

Main street, Linz, Old Dome The city center and the Old Dome Towers seen in the back / Piata centrala si turnurile bisericii vechi din Linz

The Old Dome, Linz Inside the Old Dome

Linz, centerThe shopping street in the center of Linz / strada cu magazine din centrul orasului

Linz, Austria

tram in the center of Linz, Austria

Linz, center of the citySo many cables! / Multe cabluri

the main street in Linz, AustriaThe old center has a long a street with pubs, restaurant and shops / Centrul Vechi cu magazine

Linz flowersCentral Square in Linz / Piata din Centrul orasului Linz

parc in Linz, Austria

terrible fashion, over confident cellulitic girlOver confident cellulite girl and woman with Mickey Mouse pants. No Comment. / femeie cu celulita la vedere, si alta cu colanti cu Mickey Mouse. Asa ceva…

women in Linz, Austria - bad fashionYoung women…they looked like men. / Femei tinere. FEMEI am spus.

Bad fashion in Austria, Linz

Linz, Austria - main street

New Dome, Linz, Austria

The New Dome / Catedrala noua din Linz, cu un labirint in fata ei

People and nuns,Linz Austria

Nuns in the labyrinth of the New Cathedral / Maicute in labirintul catedralei din Linz

Labyrinth in Linz

“The labyrinth of life” / Labirintul vietii – iesi din el pe unde ai intrat

Nuns, Linz, Austria

nuns in the maze of life, Linz, Austria

Nuns in the Maze in Linz, Austria

beer Linz, austria

Cheers from Austria! / Noroc!