Summer in Ixelles, Brussels

united_kingdomSearching for new stuff to shoot (or at least trying to see the familiar from a new perspective), I grabbed the camera and here’s what came out:

romania_flagDe vara

Eram in cautare de subiecte noi (sau cel putin de noi perspective asupra familiarului din jurul meu) asa ca am luat camera foto si iata ce a iesit:



Because is Football world cup / Pt ca e campionatul mondial de fotbal

mushroom and two dwarvesHow many dwarfs you see in this photo? / Voi cati pitici vedeti in poza?

parc de l'abbaye, ixelles. brussels

Two girls walking in Park de l’Abbaye in Ixelles, Brussels / In parcul manastirii din Ixelles

wooden fence blurred background

wooden fence

camomile flowers

swans babies lake flagey

violete in fereastra

banca in parc

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