Parc de l’Abbaye in Brussels

united_kingdomParc de l’Abbaye de la Cambre in Brussels (also known as Abbey Gardens, or Abbey of La Cambre ) is a small parc in Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium.

It’s located next to the Ixelles ponds and at 10 minutes walk from Place Flagey.

The Abbey was founded in the 1196, but was destroyed during wars in the 16th-17th century. It was rebuilt in the 18th century, having the shape that we see today.

I like to come here often because it’s close to our home, it’s beautiful, with hidden alleys and old, tall trees.

romania_flagParcul Abbaye de la Cambre (Parcul manastirii de la Cambre, “abbaye” inseamna manastire/abatie in limba fraceza) se afla in cartierul Ixelles din Bruxelles. Vin des aici, fiind aproape de casa si pentru ca e un parc foarte frumos, cu alei ascunse si copaci inalti si batrani.

Manastirea a fost fondata in anul 1196, dar distrusa in urma unor razboaie din secolul 16-17. Totul a fost reconstruit in secolul 18, pastrandu-se asa pana in ziua de azi.

In poze dupa cum vedeti, desi sfarsit de noiembrie, natura inca purta straie de toamna si copacii inca aveau frunze, deoarece temperaturile toamna si iarna sunt mai blande in Belgia fata de estul Europei.

(Sper ca in iarna care vine sa ninga in Bruxelles, ca ar fi tare dragut de fotografiat!).


abbaye parc brussels

parc abbaye de la cambre ixelles

abbaye church cambre brussels

parc de l'abbaye

ixelles elsene bruxelles brussels parc

abbaye de la cambre brussels

ixelles park de l'abbaye bruxelles

bench in abbaye parc cambre brussels

building in parc de l'abbaye

parc abbaye bruxelles

parc de l'abbaye in brussels belgium


parc abbaye bruxelles belgique

iedera pe copac

building in parc abbaye cambre brussels

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