Why I don’t fancy Amsterdam

It was very crowded during my first visit in Amsterdam (the capital of The Netherlands), not being able to freely walk without hitting, touching or stepping on someone, reason for which I didn’t feel like this is going to be one of my favorite cities.

After going to Brugge several times, for me Amsterdam was just another city with canals and packed with tourists. But that’s not all…

…I entered the Red Light District… Behind tall windows, displayed like pieces of meat, there were women with lots of makeup and sexy lingerie, slowly moving their bodies and touching themselves, inviting inside the men who stopped to watch. The beauty and the youth of those girls gave me a ravishing feeling. Knowing they are selling their bodies for money to horny men, felt like there is no dignity in this world. I don’t know how other women feel, but seeing my man staring (or pretending to be indifferent) at those female bodies, made me feel helpless and overwhelmed with sadness.

All I was wishing for was to get out of that place and never go back.

All I was wishing for was to feel wise enough to understand and accept that men will always crave other attractive women without feeling guilty.

All I was wishing for was to feel a peaceful love, a love that doesn’t hurt nor disappoints, a love that is not afraid of other women’s beauty.

Nevertheless, leaving the negative thoughts behind, overall there is great potential for beautiful photos, the city’s architecture reflecting the water of the canals make great subject for frame!

Enjoy the photos!

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