Marvel in the city. Brussels, Belgium

united_kingdomDuring my strolls around Ixelles Ponds at Flagey in Brussels I often see baby ducks with their parents on the lake. Yesterday there was another beautiful surprise! A couple of white swans with their seven grey babies. It was an enchantmenet to watch them.

I had never seen a baby swan for real before so please share with me the joy of seeing this marvel in Belgium’s Capital.

romania_flagDes ma plimb in jurul lacurilor din Ixelles (cartierul in care locuiesc in Bruxelles) si adesea vad cupluri de ratuste avand puiuti. Dar ieri mare mi-a fost incantarea sa vad un cuplu de lebede cu 7 puiuti gri inotand pe lac si mancand iarba din lac. Vreau sa impartasesc cu voi bucuria la vederea acestei frumoase minuni din capitala Belgiei.

Couple of swans on Ixelles Ponds Flagey in Brussels

Swans with seven babies in Brussels, Belgium, on Ponds d'Ixelles

Swan with babies at Flagey, Ixelles Lakes

Baby swans in Brussels, at Ixelles Lakes