Bologna, Italy

united_kingdomWhat a beautiful city, with old and huge buildings and with lots of young people (students) walking up and down the streets.

In Bologna there is something I’ve never seen in any other city so far: each building has columns and arches around it, this being the sidewalk for pedestrians. It looks fancy and is impressive!

romania_flagCe oras frumos, cu cladiri vechi si imense, cu multi tineri ce forfotesc in scuaruri si pe strazi.

In Bologna exista ceva ce nu am mai vazut in niciun alt oras vizitat pana acum: fiecare cladire are pe margine coloane si arcade ce sunt trotuarele pentru pietoni (au un aspect impresionant).

colums and arches on the sidewalks of Bologna

sidewalks in Bologna
Sidewalks in Bologna / Trotuarele in Bologna

Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, Italy
Piazza Maggiore

Bologna Piazza Maggiore
In Piazza Maggiore

pigeons and street in Bologna

Beggar in Bologna

young people in the sun in Bologna

Palazzo dell'Archiginnasio (Library) in Bologna
The hallways of The Library / Holurile Bibliotecii din Bologna

People in Corte Isolani

arches Corte Isolani in Bologna

windows, Bologna, Italy

Piazza Santo Stefano and Corte Isolani, Bologna, Italia

windows in Corte Isolano, Bologna

Piazza San Stefano and Corte Isolani, Bologna

Corte Isolani Bologna, Italy
Corte Isolani / Curtea Isolani

Bologna street

arches on every building in Bologna

one of the two towers (Garisenda and Asinelli) in Bologna
One of the two towers in Bologna / Unul din cele doua turnuri inalte din Bologna

sidewalk columns in Bologna
Sidewalk / Trotuar

Bologna Sun