IRON GATES – beautiful border between Serbia and Romania

united_kingdomThe Iron Gates (“Portile de Fier” in Romanian) is a Danube Gorge of around 134 km long which separates Serbia from Romania (representing the border between these two countries). To go from Romania to Serbia with a car you have to go through this road along the Danube, with beautiful views over the rocks and the river.

 romania_flagPortile de Fier reprezinta un defileu al Dunarii lung de vreo 134 km ce separa Romania de Serbia (reprezinta de fapt granita intre Romania si Serbia). Daca vrei sa treci din Romania in Serbia cu masina, e musai sa mergi pe acest drum de-a lungul Dunarii, cu peisaje minunate: stanci masive de-o parte si de alta a Dunarii.


Danube Gorge Iron Gated Defileul dunarii portile de fier Romania SerbiaThe Danube Gorge viewed from the Serbian side (Serbia-left, Romania-right)  / Defileul Dunarii vazut din Serbia (teritoriul Serbiei in stanga,  Romania in dreapta)

statuia lui Decebal portile de fier defileu dunare

united_kingdomThe statue of Decebalus near Orsova in Romania, viewed from the Serbian side of the Danube. It’s 40 meters high, its construction took 10 years (1994-2004) and was commissioned by the business man and historian Iosif Dragan. The text under the statue says “DECEBALUS REX—DRAGAN FECIT” (“King Decebal—Made by Drăgan”).

romania_flagStatuia lui Decebal sculptata in piatra, inalta de 40 de metri langa Orsova, pe malul Romanesc al Dunarii si poate fi vazuta de pe malul Sarbesc. Constructia statuii a durat 10 ani intre 1994 si 2004 si a fost ideea omului de afaceri si istoric Iosif Constantin DRAGAN. Sub statuie e inscriptionat “DECEBALUS REX—DRAGAN FECIT” (“King Decebal— facut de Drăgan”).

Decebal Statue Decebalus Rex Statuia, Danube, rock

united_kingdomDecebalus was the last king of Dacia and one of the mightiest. He fought three wars against the Roman Empire, being defeated in the year 106 AD. During his rule the Dacian State was at its peak, including Transylvania, Banat, Oltenia and a part of Moldova. These territories are part of today’s ROMANIA, therefore Decebalus is an important part of Romania‘s history.

romania_flagCea mai inalta statuie sculptata in piatra din Europa si il reprezinta pe Decebal, ultimul rege al Daciei si unul dintre cei mai viteji, care a dus 3 razboaie impotriva imperiului Roman,  fiind invins intr-un final in anul 106. In timpul lui Decebal, statul Dac a atins apogeul, cuprinzand Transilvania, Banat, Oltenia si o parte din Moldova. Regele reprezinta o parte importanta din Istoria Romaniei.

portile de fier iron gates defileul dunarii gorge

castle danube gorge Serbia, Golubac fortressGolubac Fortress on the Serbian side of Danube / Cetatea Golubat pe malul Serbiei

parking castle danube serbia, golubacky hradParking lot in Serbia, near Golubac Fortress, along the Danube road / Parcare in Serbia langa cetatea Golubat, pe malul Dunarii

Portile de fier I, defileul dunarii, iron gates I Iron Gate I Hydroelectric Power Station on the Danube / Hidrocentrala Portile de Fier I pe Dunare

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4 thoughts on “IRON GATES – beautiful border between Serbia and Romania

    • It’s the Iron Gates gorge which is responsible for causing the Košava. Košava is a winter wind and cold front which plunges the temperatures as much as -30 degrees Celsius. The gorge concentrates the cold air and winds from the east and directs it (jet effect) up the Danube where it hits Belgrade. Serbs have some songs referring to it:

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