Sunrise at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

united_kingdomWe woke up at 4:30 AM, arrived at Angkor Wat around 5:30 AM and many people were already there waiting for Mother Nature’s sunrise at one of the most famous and beautiful temples in Cambodia.

I am not a big fan of sunrise, I much more prefer sunsets, but I Had to be there with the crowds, as it’s probably once in a life time opportunity.

The silhouette which Angkor Wat creates in the morning sunlight and the towers’ reflection in the pond makes me say it was the most beautiful sunrise I saw in my life, regardless of the fact that I had to wake up in the middle of the night (Yawn).

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romania_flagNe-am trezit la 4:30 dimineata, iar la 5:30 eram deja la templul Angkor Wat impreuna cu alti zeci de turisti, veniti sa vada spectacolul rasaritului oferit de Mama Natura la unul din cele mai faimoase si frumoase temple din Cambodgia. Nu sunt mare fan al rasaritului, prefer apusurile, dar Trebuia sa fiu acolo cu multimea, caci asemenea ocazie e probabil unica in viata. Silueta templului in lumina diminetii si reflexiile turnurilor in lacul cu nuferi m-au facut sa uit de trezirea din somnul dulce si tind sa cred ca este si va fi cel mai frumos rasarit din viata mea.

12 thoughts on “Sunrise at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

  1. I’m impressed by the amount of people there! When you wrote “many people” I thought of maybe 10 – after all we talk about sunrise photos here 😉 Looks like a very memorable moment!

    • Yeah, I didn’t think a sunrise can bring so many visitors, but then again, it’s probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the sunrise behind the greatest temple in Cambodia, so I guess the popularity of the place is justified. 😀 The way the towers are seen on the horizon is quite nice.

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