Ta Prohm – the jungle temple in Cambodia

united_kingdomTa Prohm is by far my favorite temple of Angkor, in Cambodia- invaded by jungle, it has a mystical atmosphere and the big, strong roots embrace the walls giving the impression that the tall trees grew from the ruins! It’s like a real adventure game, expecting for hidden doors to open behind the roots and lianas.

This temple built in the late 12th century and abandoned in the 17th century, is one of the most popular temples at Angkor.

Scenes from the movie “Tomb Raider” (starring Angelina Jolie) were filmed here at Ta Prohm Temple.

romania_flagDintre toate templele din Angkor in Cambodgia, Ta Prohm este preferatul meu – este invaluit in atmosfera misterioasa a junglei, iar radacinile copacilor uriasi inconjoara zidurile templului si parca au crescut direct din ruine! M-am simtit ca intr-un joc de aventura, asteptand dintr-un moment in altul sa se deschida vreo usa ascunsa printre liane si radacini.

Construit la sfarsitul sec. XII si abandonat in sec. XVII, Ta Prohm este unul din cele mai vizitate si fotografiate temple din Angkor.

P.S. Aici au fost filmate scene din filmul “Tomb Raider“, cu Angelina Jolie.

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11 thoughts on “Ta Prohm – the jungle temple in Cambodia

  1. The photos are amazing. Those ancient places teach us life is on-going. One day we will be the ancient places to future generations. Thank you for the photos. I would love to visit places like this.

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