Then and now

It seems like yesterday we were taking photos of me pregnant in Bois de la Cambre in Brussels (October 2015). The following year (October 2016) we returned (the three of us) to make the photos in the exact same place.

To keep the tradition, we repeated the photo-shoot, in the same place, wearing almost the same clothes. I keep looking at the photos and I can’t believe how big my baby is.

Parca mai ieri faceam pozele cu burtica in Bois de la Cambre (in octombrie 2015). Apoi anul urmator (octombrie 2016) ne reintorceam in formula de 3 sa repetam fotografiile fix in acelasi loc.

Ca sa pastram traditia, ne-am intors si anul acesta si sper sa repetam si in anii ce vor urma. Ma tot uit la poze si nu imi vine sa cred cat de mare a crescut puiul de om.

4 thoughts on “Then and now

  1. It seems like only yesterday we were looking at the pregnancy photos. Looking at tree three years, side by side, it’s amazing how much you have all grown!

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