One year after

romania_flagFix acum un an postam poze cu burtica de 38 de saptamani, in peisaj de toamna in Bois de la Cambre din Bruxelles. Acum ne-am reintors in exact acelasi loc sa repetam sedinta foto, dar de data asta in formula de “trei”.

Iata pozele de atunci si de acum. Mie imi sunt foarte dragi, sper sa va placa. Primele 5 sunt colaje cu “Inainte si Dupa”

united_kingdomExactly one year ago I posted photos of me pregnant, in Bois de la Cambre in Bruxelles. This year we came back to the same place and repeated the photo-shoot, but this time in “Three”.

Enjoy these photos that are very dear to me. I hope you like them. The first ones are the “Before and After”


before-and-after-pregnancy-photosone-year-after-pregnancy-portrait before-and-after-the-baby-photo-shoot forest-photoshoot with-and-without-baby


romania_flagSi acum urmeaza pozele de anul acesta. StefAlex a facut primii sai pasi chiar in timpul pozelor, deci va dati seama cate emotii si cat de dragi imi vom ramane in amintire aceste poze

united_kingdomThe following photos are from this year only. The baby took his first steps for the first time ever, so you can imagine the emotions and what lovely memories these photos are for me










baby-walkingforest-portrait 11-month-old-babyphotoshoot-brussels-forest dad-son-portrait






mom-and-baby-forest-parc-photoshoot baby-in-parc-brussels autumn-bois-de-la-cambre-brussels baby-crawling-at-11-months

11 thoughts on “One year after

  1. Such an adorable images, Cory 🙂

    So good to see your little one making baby steps …

    It’s been a long time, since I could spend some time here and I am also enjoying the moments after the arrival of my son, three months back 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing and have a great time 🙂

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