House and garden

united_kingdomPhotos from my parent’s in law vacation house, from their garden and its surroundings

romania_flagPoze de la casa de vacanta a socrilor mei, gradina si imprejurimile





DSC_5888  DSC_5893 DSC_5894 DSC_5897 DSC_5900 DSC_5904 DSC_5905 DSC_5907 DSC_5910 DSC_5911  DSC_5916 DSC_5922 DSC_5924 DSC_5925 DSC_5926 DSC_5927 DSC_5930

DSC_5939 DSC_5941 DSC_5945 DSC_5947 DSC_5956 DSC_5962 DSC_5965 DSC_5966 DSC_5973 DSC_5978 DSC_5988 DSC_5991 DSC_5995 DSC_5996 DSC_6001 DSC_6004 DSC_6007 DSC_6010 DSC_6012 DSC_6018 DSC_6020 DSC_6025 DSC_6026 DSC_6027 DSC_6030 DSC_6032 DSC_6033 DSC_6039 DSC_6040 DSC_6042 DSC_6044 DSC_6070

2 thoughts on “House and garden

    1. Thank you Suzanne. I did have fun taking these photos, I needed a break from my 7 month old so I left him with his dad and went out in the garden to do what I love most: photos 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed this series.

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