Durbuy, Belgium

united_kingdomDurbuy is a francophone Belgian city,  considered to be “the smallest town in the world” (title given in the 14th century, which nowadays is not justified anymore, because Durbuy’s population grew and today has around 11 000 inhabitants). There are narrow cobbled streets, flowers at windows, romantic restaurants, a castle and a hill that can be climbed for a panoramic view.

romania_flagDurbuy e un oras Belgian francofon, considerat ‘cel mai mic oras din lume’ (titlu atribuit in sec. al XIV-lea si care nu mai e justificat in ziua de azi, deoarece populatia orasului a atins in jur de 11000 de locuitori). Are stradute pavate cu piatra, flori la ferestre, restaurante romantice, un castel si un deal in apropiere de unde poti vedea orasul.

Tables outside, very romanticcastle DurbuyThe Durbuy CastleDurbuy’s castle – is a private castle that overlooks the city and cannot be visited /
Castelul ce vegheaza asupra orasului Durbuy este un castel privat si nu se viziteaza

Restaurant tables on the street in DurbuyA pretty house, with flowers and yellow windowsStreet in Durbuyhorse and carriage in DurbuyA mini atomium and a frog with binocularsA man with long, white hair enjoying the sunanother restaurant outside in DurbuyDurbuy Castle from the hill

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19 thoughts on “Durbuy, Belgium

  1. I wonder what made them claim the world’s smallest town title. That castle does look quite big for a small town like Durbuy. However it looks like I can spend a few days just walking around and lazying down at this town. Beautiful!

    • Hi Bama!
      It was named city in the 14th century and it remained with this title ever since (even though nowadays is not justified anymore, as the population grew).

  2. That’s too bad that you can’t visit the castle, but I understand. If I could have a castle overlooking a European city and didn’t have to let tourists in, I would too. 🙂

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