Palace of Justice in Brussels, Belgium

united_kingdomIn the hallway of the Palace of Justice in Brussels I had the same overwhelming feeling I had in St. Peter Basilica in Vatican. It can be impressive with its size and architecture.

It houses the Law Courts of Belgium and it was build during the reign of Leopold I, being the biggest building built in the 19th century.

Since 2003, the facade and the Dome are covered in scaffolding and the company that was taking care of the renovation doesn’t exist anymore, so the building is now hidden under the scaffolding until it’s decided who is responsible for removing it. 😀

The Palace of Justice is situated on a hill and from the square you have a panoramic view over Brussels. It’s also my favorite spot in Brussels!

romania_flagIn holul Palatului de Justitie din Brussel am avut cam aceeasi senzatie de coplesire pe care am avut-o in Basilica Sf. Petru din Vatican. E MARE! Palatul de Justitie poate fi impresionant prin marimea si arhitectura sa (e mai mare decat basilica sf Petru din Vatican – daca ai fost acolo stii la ce ma refer). A fost construit in sec al XIX-lea in timpul regelui Leopold I al Belgiei si a fost cea mai mare cladire la timpul sau.

Din 2003 domul si fatada cladirii sunt acoperite de schele pentru renovare, dar intre timp compania care se ocupa de treaba asta a dat faliment si acum se dezbate cine e responsabil pentru plata indepartarii schelelor 😀

Palatul de Justitie se afla la inaltime (Brusselul e plin de urcusuri si coborasuri) si scuarul sau ofera o vedere panoramica asupra Bruxelului. E locul meu preferat!


Bruxelles, Palais de Justice
In between buildings, the Dome of the Justice Palace is covered in scaffolding / Cupola Palatului de Justitie se vede in stanga printre cladiri

Justice palace Brussels
The left side is not covered in scaffolding / Aripa de est a Palatului de Justitie nu e acoperita de schele pentru renovare

big door in the hallway of Palace of Justice belgium, Brussels
The entry hall is gigantic! / Holul de la intrare e imens!

Justice Palace stairs and statues, Brussels

statue and floor - Justice Palace, Brussels

stairs justice palace Brussels

The Justice Palace and monument in Brussels

Monument at Justice Palace, Brussels
The square in front of the Justice Palace is a view point over Brussels / Din scuarul Palatului de Justitie poti vedea Brusselul de la inaltime

skyview of Brussels from the Justice Palace

view at justice palace in Brussels

view point at Justice Palace in Brussels

Atomium can be seen from the Justice Palace View Point
You can see the Atomium on the horizon in between buildings / Cine vede ATOMIUM intre cladiri pe linia orizontului?

sightseeing Brussels Red Bus
The sightseeing bus in Brussels passes in front of the Justice Palace / Autobuzul pentru turisti trece si prin fata Palatului de Justitie

Justice Palace in Brussels

9 thoughts on “Palace of Justice in Brussels, Belgium

  1. Nice set of images of the “Palais de Justice” and interesting story that no one knows who will take down the scaffolding…It was there when we visited Brussels in Sept 2012…hopefully, it will go away soon. (Suzanne)

  2. Now I really wish to go back to Brussels! 🙂 I missed the Palace of Justice when I was in the city back in 2007. It’s been 7 years now so I probably should plan a visit sometime in the future. Great photos as always, Corina!

    • Thanks Bama! You deffinetly should come back to Brussels, I wonder if you will find it different that 7 years ago.
      The palace of justice is not a big tourist atraction and the first time I entered it I didn’t expect much, but wow I was surprised to see what was hiding behind the uninviting scaffolding facade. Don’t miss it next time you come, it’s a good subject for photography 😀

  3. I live in Brussels since 1994 (on and off) and I swear I have no recollection of the PdJ withOUT some sort of scaffolding. I think renovation started back in the late ’80s(!) with the cupola and had to continue with other parts but, as you mentioned, the authority taking care of renovations isn’t there anymore… Works were suspended and the existing scaffolding aged… Result: more scaffolding had to be placed in order to reinforce the existing one and prevent it from collapsing(!). PdJ has been linked with notoriety in the past and it seems this will continue well in the future!

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