Split, Croatia

Split is the second largest city in Croatia, situated in Central Dalmatia on the Eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea and is one of the oldest cities in the area (The Diocletian Palace – built for the retired Roman emperor Diocletian – is considered to be over 1700 years old). The city is a popular tourist destination and the ruins of Diocletian’s Palace were being used for filming the series Game of Thrones.

Man resting in the shadow. It was a very hot day!

Man resting in the shadow on Riva, the city’s main promenade. Marjan Hill can be seen between the palm trees on the left.

In around 2 hours you can take a walk on Riva promenade, visit Diocletian’s Palace and go up in the Bell-tower (which offers a marvelous panoramic view of Split, Marjan Hill and nearby islands. The tower has steep stairs and large open window spaces through which the wind comes in – perfect for cooling down during hot days).

The port in Split. View from the tower

The port of Split. View from the belltower

Despite the melting heat, the weather was just right for photography, with a nice blue sky and plenty of light. Split is known to have an ideal climate, with many hours of sunshine each year.

A nice stone house

A nice stone house in the old town

ruins in Split

The ruins of Diocletian’s Palace in Split

Hoping to get some cold air from the water, but didn't really help. It was at least 40 degrees Celsius

Riva waterfront

A nice square

A nice square

Old town

Ruins of Diocletian’s Palace and Museum on the left

View from the tower

Split and Marjan Hill – view from the belltower

A nice view through the columns of the tower

These are the nice, large window spaces I was writing about earlier. They offer a beautiful view and cool wind.

A street vendor

A street vendor in Diocletian’s Palace

The old town's ruins

The belltower in central Split

A stone house in the old town

A stone house in the old town

Finally some shadow to cool down

Finally some shadow to cool down

A very narrow street

A very narrow street

Mountains guarding the city

Hills around Split

Beautiful Palm trees

Beautiful Palm trees on Riva Promenade

Very colourful flowers

Very colourful flowers

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