Grand Canyon, USA

Going to Grand Canyon, Arizona, was on my “to do” list since forever.  And I had this lovely chance during the  “Work and travel USA” program for students from Europe.

It was a dream and it came true. Now, only memories remained, and photos that never stop to impress me and awake in me the beautiful memories and feelings that I had while watching over the magnitude of the big hole that we call Grand Canyon.

It was a one day trip with a bus from Las Vegas and on the way we stopped for a few minutes at Hoover Dam.


Grand Canyon USA

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10 thoughts on “Grand Canyon, USA

  1. Great work! The Grand Canyon is probably the most difficult thing I can imagine to photograph. It is huge, so there is no obvious composition (except perhaps the narrow point at Toroweap which is the most common). The light is tough, maybe merciless. If you wait for something along the canyon wall to get better light, you lose something else to shadow.

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