Oud Rekem – the most beautiful village in Flanders, Belgium

Oud Rekem is a beautiful village in the Flanders region in Belgium. It’s so pretty that in 2008 won the title “the most beautiful village in Flanders”. The village itself is very small,… Continue reading

High Tatra Mountains, Slovakia

High Tatra Mountains (Vysoké Tatry in Slovak) are a mountain range along the border between Slovakia and Poland. The highest peak in High Tatras is 2655 meters high. The following photos are from… Continue reading

Street Photography in Brussels

People are life, the life around us. Each individual on the street seems to be telling a story through their hair, mimics, clothes or eyes. The streets of a city are not just… Continue reading

When summer is TOO hot in Brussels, Belgium

It happens. Sometimes.  On the background of a season-less Belgium (to be read “continuous autumn/or spring”) there are a FEW days of sun and unbearable temperatures. Summer of 2014 in Brussels: a few… Continue reading

Photos from Mechelen, a pretty city in Belgium

Mechelen is a small city at North of Brussels, in the Flemish region of Belgium. If you think about places to visit in Belgium, then the city of Mechelen can be a good… Continue reading

Looking for a place to escape Brussels?

Lake Genval (“Lac de Genval” in French) is a beautiful lake in Belgium, in the South-East of Brussels, near Sonian Forest (around 25 minutes drive from Brussels). This makes it a perfect day-trip… Continue reading

Photos from Prague, Czech Republic

To visit Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, you might need at Least 2 full days (more, if you want to truly enjoy the city). There are so many beautiful things to see,… Continue reading

IRON GATES – beautiful border between Serbia and Romania

The Iron Gates (“Portile de Fier” in Romanian) is a Danube Gorge of around 134 km long which separates Serbia from Romania (representing the border between these two countries). To go from Romania… Continue reading

Textures in Brussels

During yesterday’s summer walk in Ixelles, Brussels, I saw different kind textures on the walls, ground and surrounding nature. It seemed like a good photography idea to try and capture all the different… Continue reading

Summer in Ixelles, Brussels

Searching for new stuff to shoot (or at least trying to see the familiar from a new perspective), I grabbed the camera and here’s what came out: De vara Eram in cautare de… Continue reading

Ballooning in Kosice, Slovakia

A beautiful birthday surprise: an one hour trip in a hot air balloon. An unique experience, a little scary in the first minutes, but serene and exciting after that. The photos are taken… Continue reading

Happy b-day

A delicious cake and decorations make a nice gift for a birthday surprise. Happy birthday, my dear! Un tort cu fructe delcios si decoratii sunt o surpriza placuta pentru o aniversare. La multi… Continue reading

Sunday market in Flagey, Brussels

Every Sunday from morning till 1 PM the Flagey Square is full of fruits, veggies, smelly cheeses and lots of flowers. It has a beautiful charm, especially if the weather is sunny and… Continue reading

Biking in Sonian Forest, Brussels

The Sonian Forest in the South of Brussels is huge, with lots of bike lanes and with excellent fresh air. Yesterday in our biking trip we took the photo-camera with us (we usually… Continue reading

Aachen, Germany

Aachen is a German city at the border with Belgium. The streets were full of people, the same the restaurants and cafes. How else on a warm, sunny day? :) Aachen e un… Continue reading